Kiriki Delany
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Highlights and new skills - Live Quicktime Broadcasting. Shoutcast Mp3 live encoding and server deployment. Dreamweaver site management and construction. Online music delivery. Advanced techniques with Quicktime 4.0 digital video production for Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR)

Previous Employment - California State University at Humboldt

Courseware Development Laboratory Audio Engineer 1997

Hired May, 1997 - December 2000, on a permanent basis to provide audio production, multimedia development and technical support to Humboldt State University faculty members for the purpose of developing courseware materials and technology mediated presentations. Developed solutions for streaming media delivery via the Internet and interactive presentations using Quicktime, RealMedia, and other streaming media solutions. Coordinated activities with 5-8 fellow student assistants in a production environment.

Production Experience

Media Integration - Electronic Course Construction

Designed and deployed instructional technology on the Internet; integrated digital audio and video technology into course curricula; 3 years experience consulting with educators and storyboarding course curriculum for multimedia productions and web based classrooms, expert level knowledge of optimization techniques and digital media compression technologies required for Internet delivery of media to home and university level users.

Digital Media - Digital Audio - Music Production

Designed web pages with cutting-edge applications; 3 years experience with streaming audio and video; 3 years experience using digital audio systems, including audio capture hardware and software and digital audio workstations; 11 years experience performing keyboards and piano; 5 years experience composing and arranging music using digital production techniques including midi and sequencing, loop based production, advanced hard drive recording and traditional analogue recording; able to incorporate Cold Fusion, Director, and Flash into production environments and multimedia projects.

Blackstar Reggae - Producer/Owner/Performer

Founded Blackstar company to produce reggae music in 1998. Currently, Blackstar produces the band MAKAGEDDON. Blackstar services include music production, arrangement, bookings, recording, sound reinforcement, and online publication and distribution. Responsibilities include live broadcasting, publication, musical recording, arrangement, and production for the band MAKAGEDDON.

Multimedia Systems

Systems administration, integration and implementation capabilities with live audio and video via RealMedia, Shoutcast Mp3, and Quicktime Streaming Server systems . Spent the last 3 years managing these systems for Humboldt State University, and Hidden Variable LLC. Independantly I currently provide Shoutcast Mp3 servers and services to the online radio community.

Software - Hardware Skills

Production level proficiency with Cakewalk, Cubase, SoundForge, ACID, RealMedia, Quicktime Pro, Shoutcast, Dreamweaver, Quicktime VR Authoring Studio, ImageReady, ImageStyler, and Media Cleaner Pro compression software. Proficiency with most software associated in video production and streaming media formats such as Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premier. Working knowledge of Sorenson Broadcaster for QT4.0. Production level proficiency with Mac OS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms. Basic administrative level experience in Linux and related OS. Production level experience with both PC and Mac hardware. Able to build digital video and audio workstation PC systems from component parts.

Education and Training

Bachelor of Science - Humboldt State University; December 2000, Arcata, California
Multimedia Systems, with an emphasis in audio production and digital broadcasting (pending)

Berkeley High School - June 1995, Trained in Biotechnology program for 2 years